Tramore holds a proud and distinguished place in the annals of the G.A.A because on 6th October in 1885, Martin J. Murphy's racecourse (in the vicinity of the Back Strand) hosted one of the first ever championship athletic meetings held under the auspices of the G.A.A.  Camogie was played in Tramore for a brief period about 1946 and was revived in 1952 but had a rather short existence. It was not till 1982, when a meeting of interested parties formed a Camogie Club in the town.  Tramore entered a team in the Junior Championship and so training commenced in the spring of 1983.   In 2017, Tramore Camogie adult ladies won the Waterford Junior Championship and were promoted to Intermediate level.

The Club Crest, adopted in 1981, incorporates the G.A.A. cross, the club colours and our famous Tramore landmark, "The Metal Man".  

Club Gear

We are in the process of the arranging a new supplier for official Club gear.   Once finalised, we will update this page accordingly.


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